Our Benefits

Marsmoco is on a mission to provide auspicious rental services for robotic camera systems across Canada.


We understand that finding a trusted and affordable rental service for robotic cameras can be stressful, so we have dedicated ourselves to providing top-quality service in this field for all brands of all sizes.


We understand that not every brand or project is the same. That’s why our robotic camera system is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


Furthermore, the robotic arm moves fast and is extremely precise (with repeatability of 0.04mm) in complete unison with the camera, ensuring the final product is flawless and stunning.


Marsmoco is available at Qube studios in Mississauga and can provide rental services across all Canadian provinces.


Reach out and get the best deal for renting a robotic motion control camera from us!

The Robotic Camera System is perfect for: