Canadian specialists in motion control camera work for film and television.

Our High-Speed Motion Control System is the perfect tool to capture stories and products in new and unseen ways.


Mars is customizable. Contact us to get a solution for your production needs.

Mars is available at Qube studios in Mississauga and for location jobs. We deliver within Canada.
  • Compact, can fit through a doorway
  • Audio playback sync with robot system, great for performances and music videos
  • 4 programmable frame-accurate GPO trigger outputs – used for synchronizing pneumatics, pourers, droppers, and other devices. Can be actuated at any frame
  • Support of Focus, Iris and Zoom motors and 2 external stepper motors (rotary table, pouring rig etc). Expansion is possible to up to 8x stepper motors, perfectly in sync with the robot.
  • Pulse synchronization for select cameras – used for multipass compositing
  • VFX pipeline to Blender, Nuke, Maya
  • Bloop laser marks the first and last frames of the robot move with a flash of light. The blooped frame enables editors to match up composed shots in post quickly
  • In-person demos also available!

Robot specs:

  • Size and Weight

    2x2 ft Mobile pedestal with 4 main and 4 telescopic legs for extra stability.

  • Rated Payload:


  • Reach:

    1.44m or 4.8 ft

  • Lowest position


  • Max Speed

    Overall speed is 5.4m/s. For linear move max speed is 2m/s

  • Repeatability

    +- 0.04mm

  • Line Voltage

    120v 20amp with max consumption of 2.4 KVA Can work on 15 amps with reduced max speed or payload

mars moco motin control robot


GoodLife Fitness /


Motion Control

Shift perspectives about fitness from perfect physiques and big biceps, toward celebrating real people who are putting in the time to exercise

Being a fitfluencer is just about getting up, and showing up. It’s knowing the effort that you put in will inspire someone else along the way. If you can do that, then you’re a GoodLife fitfluencer.




Motion Control, Visual engineering

A pour shot that previously wasn't possible

Collaboration with and Immersion room to put together a high-speed virtual production. Shooting 480fps in LED volume allowed us to shoot a pour shot that previously wasn't possible without CGI.




motion control, unreal engine 5

First slow motion virtual production commercial

For this project, Mars was synchronized with the Immersion Room LED wall to shoot a high speed pour shot through different virtual environments in a way you've definitely never seen before. Collaboration with


Ontario Power Generation


Motion Control

Don't get lured into dam waters. Dam water conditions can change fast, creating deadly currents.

This project is about the dangers of hydro stations and dams, where within seconds water levels can rise, become turbulent and create a life-threatening situation.




commercial, product

Wearable Internet

LNQ wearable Internet wanted a unique showcase of their product and we executed it using a rotary table and a motion control system to achieve perfect repeatability every time.


The Deciem


Motion Control

It takes two.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 boosts hydration - making skin more supple, while Niacinamide 10%+ Zinc 1% brightens - making skin look more luminous





Motion Control

For this project, our purpose was to make a frozen time effect with brushes and to explore them in motion




Motion Control

Phantom, probe lens and MoCo

Milk commercial for Lactaid


Spec commercial


Motion Control

Yogurt spec commercial

Short and fun spec commercial made in collaboration with


Kinetic Sand


Motion Control

Kinetic Sand Commercial - Mowad production company

Commercial for Kinetic Sand


Chophouse Steaks


Motion Control, Visual engineering

Chophouse Steaks. Meaty perfection

Steak commercial for Chophouse Steaks

What Makes A Fitfluencer | GoodLife Fitness
Sleeman - Making of
Stay Clear Stay Safe
The Ordinary
Makeup Brushes
Kinetic Sand Mermaid Crystal Playset
Chophouse Steaks
Robot arm motion control camera with mug of beer

About Us

Ever watched an advert for your favorite brand on television and wondered how seamless it was for them to capture their story beautifully and from different angles? The secret lies in producing such robotic camera systems, which we are experts in.

Marsmoco is a robotics company whose core technology is motion control cameras to capture the best moments of your brand for film, television, and social media.

We’re excited to provide our robotic arm service in any part of Canada! Our robotic camera operator will bring the Robotic Arm rental up to your location and set it up for you. Accessories like focus, iris and zoom motors are included with every rental. This allows our clients to create amazing video content unachievable any other way.

REACH OUT to us today to make your next project unforgettable!


Our Benefits

Marsmoco is on a mission to provide auspicious rental services for robotic camera systems across Canada.


We understand that finding a trusted and affordable rental service for robotic cameras can be stressful, so we have dedicated ourselves to providing top-quality service in this field for all brands of all sizes.


We understand that not every brand or project is the same. That’s why our robotic camera system is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


Furthermore, the robotic arm moves fast and is extremely precise (with repeatability of 0.04mm) in complete unison with the camera, ensuring the final product is flawless and stunning.


Marsmoco is available at Qube studios in Mississauga and can provide rental services across all Canadian provinces.


Reach out and get the best deal for renting a robotic motion control camera from us!

The Robotic Camera System is perfect for:

Our Services


Live Events

With our unique robotic camera system, you can cover all your live events with a guarantee of getting dynamic and high-quality movements. Using multipass compositing techniques and visual effects, we can create footage with unparalleled smoothness that will bring out your brand’s identity.



We rent our motion control robotic camera arm across all provinces in Canada.
Our team can transport the arm to your location and set it up, program for your project . Additionally, we include MoCo controlled FIZ motors and other unique accessories which you may find useful for your production.



Our robotic system can make a fluid camera move, delivering incomparable cinematography for a show. Time is not lost trying to build cumbersome makeshift rigs.


Product Video

Our goal is to make good product production affordable for every start-up and already-established business. That is why we utilize our high-speed robotic arm, distinct from conventional camera movements, to deliver quality images of your products in a unique way. You can make special requests about which aspects of your product you want to get highlighted.


A robotic camera system is a versatile and comprehensive tool to capture video footage. Unlike traditional cameras (rigs), robotic camera systems allow extremely precise, fast and repeatable camera movements that can be utilized for special effects and difficult shots.


With a robotic camera system, you can capture high speed footage with complex movements and precision, allowing you to achieve unique shots that are not possible without motion control. Mars Moco is perfect for tabletops.


A robotic camera system is a perfect solution for capturing high speed live-action footage with dynamic movements. It is also ideal for large-scale productions that require extensive coverage. Whether you need to capture dynamic footage or get close-up shots of hard-to-reach objects, a robotic camera system is a perfect solution.

There are various reasons why using a robotic camera system technology is beneficial. Firstly, it automates the entire shooting process with precision and speed that cannot be achieved by human direction. 

Robotic cameras can go to preset positions, meaning you can be sure you will get the shots you want without having to worry about manually repositioning the camera. Overall, a robotic camera system provides several advantages that make it an ideal choice for various occasions.

Depending on the motion's complexity it usually takes from 5 minutes to 1hr.


The robotic motion programming process allows you to take full advantage of the robot. We can jog a robot in real-time using an Xbox joystick. We can intuitively design your camera movements, create orbits, control FIZ motors and much more.


We offer a prep day at a discounted rate to ensure that out clients will get the most on production day. We also offer moco previz service for projects that require more prep time.

You can be assured that you're in good hands when renting a robot from us. Not only will our robotic camera team transport the machine to your specified studio or location, but we will also program the robot.


Mars MoCo always comes with an operator and assistant.

There's no restriction on the size of a product you can shoot with the robot. As far as it fits within the robot's range of motion and shooting area. Basically, items as small as a pen or as large as a car can all be perfectly shot with the robot. The robotic camera arm gives you the power and needed flexibility to create consistent productions of wide variety of products.


If you are planning to do extremely slow macro shots, robot may not be the best choice (feel free to consult with us).

The limit to the number of products you can shoot is endless. The products can be within the robot's turntable but can be finely captured. A robotic camera helps you capture a range of products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once the movement is programmed, we can repeat it over and over again as long as needed.

Yes! Mars Moco packages do not come with camera, so you need to provide your own camera or we can arrange a rental for you (for shoots at Qube studios only). The robot can accommodate cameras up to 22lbs. Our team of professionals is always on the ground to advise you on every issue to help you make the best decisions in all cases.

There are a few factors that affect how long it will take to make adjustments to the robotic arm path. Smaller adjustments can be made quickly, such as position, orientation, keyframe interpolation, and time remapping.


Adjustments involving changing the target tracking, orbits, or organic movements will take longer.


It is generally best to plan for minor adjustments before starting production. This will help ensure that the final product meets all the requirements.

Yes, audio files can be synced with the motion control camera system. The file should be sent as an MP3. This will enable the robotic arm to move in sync with the music.

Headquartered in Mississauga, but we cover most of Toronto, Vaughan and almost all GTA. Plus we can do service at Ottawa and Montreal 

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